La situation géographique du site dans la lagune d'Abidjan



For a site bordering the lagoon in Abidjan, geographical constraints will strongly influence the development project.


The city with 4.7 million inhabitants, which concentrates 20% of the population and 60% of the GDP of the country is under a very strong pressure of land, a new house 5 rooms costs between 90 000 € and 150 000 € while the average salary is 102 € / month. The notion of public space is practically non-existent and replaced by a complete dichotomy of space, between the home and the collective space, which is at once the place of circulation and meeting but also the place of rejection and waste storage produced by the city.


The few natural areas often subject to very important natural risks, are quickly colonized by precarious dwellings.

This situation, which is conducive to social cleavage, is accentuated by a geographical situation that is not conducive to rapid and spontaneous urbanization.

The aim is to show how we can succeed in an urban operation rooted in African culture by bringing technical know-how in the field of sustainable development.


The first decisive factor is the presence of one of the largest landfills in West Africa, the Akouédo landfill located north of the project site. This landfill has not been in operation for a few years. Throughout the project, there was talk of building examples of successful recovery, such as the Batle i Roig Garaf Park, to guide political decisions towards a large project of empty space in the city that could once again become a pasture site. livestock.


The strong slope south of the ground, the instability of the soil due to torrential rains, and the economy of means for the earthworks operations led us to a plan that adapts to the micro topography at the risk of not proposing land parcels for the villas.


Collective buildings form small condominiums with a maximum of 4 dwellings per building, allowing families to become acquainted with the complex. The collectives are located at the top of the plateau while the individual villas are below facing the lagoon.

principes de conception du plan d'aménagement.