Le système territorial des vallées, les ports et les activités le long des vallées.


Saint Brieuc territoire collaboratif

Saint Brieuc collaborative territory is a project that relies on a multi-scalar system. At the level of Saint Brieuc, the granite coast is very steep and cut in such a way that the sea disappears from the urban landscape that develops on the plateau. This territory is now fragmented, there is both overabundant infrastructure and a lack of connection between neighborhoods. This project proposes three targeted interventions to reconnect historic center, marina and valleys. These connections are composed of activities and a re-calibration of existing infrastructures.

Transformation d'un parking en place publique

Plan d'aménagement des trois interventions

Accès public à la vallée

reconversion d'une friche en CIAP coworking bibliothèque et maison de quartier