Croquis d'intention.

Façade sur rue. Crédit image : Architectonie.

Façade sur jardin. Crédit image : Architectonie.


La nouvelle étoile des enfants de Fran in Montmorency.

This nursery deprived of 60 cradles is a new project which is located in Montmorency.


Following a technical diagnosis, it was decided with the client to destroy the building housing the current nursery and propose a new project, larger, more energy efficient and fully accessible to people with reduced mobility.


It is the desire to create spaces according to the perception of the child which gave rise to this asymmetrical plan where the spaces of reception, circulation and life are contained in a fluid space with in its center the spiral staircase, which also acts as a toboggan, while service spaces are distributed in parallel by a corridor.

Nature du projet :

Crèche privée de 60 berceaux

Lieu :

Montmorency, France

Implication personnelle dans le projet :

Conception en phase d'esquisse. 

Date de construction :

Non réalisé


870 m2


Plan de rez de chaussée. Crédit image : Architectonie.